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Truancy and Attendence Programs

waitingTruancy Tracker Program

Located at Bemidji Middle School and serving grades 6­–8. Identifies students with attendance issues; facilitates attendance support team; provides guidance, attendance monitoring and mentoring for students who sign on to a Truancy Tracking contract.

Truancy Case Management

Provides case management services to students and families who are involved in the Court system due to truancy. BASC employs one full-time case manager, who is housed at the BASC main office.

Re-Engagement Case Management

The Re-Engagement Case Manager works with students enrolled at Bemidji High School who are identified by the school and/or the County Truancy Screening Team as having school attendance issues. The Re-Engagement Case Manager meets with students and their family members to identify the youth’s risk areas and strengths, then works to connect them to resources while tracking the student’s attendance. This program is funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

"Being Present" Attendance Campaign

"Being Present” is a county-wide, student-inspired campaign to stress the importance of school attendance. For more information, follow the campaign on Facebook at

In 2016, local talent created and starred in a Public Service Announcement encouraging school attendance. Watch it by clicking on this link:

An audio PSA was also created with local adults providing their voices to the cause: Listen here.

In 2017, community and school leaders gathered to send a message that they see potential in every youth. That video can be viewed at:

Screening Team

BASC staff members serve on a Truancy Screening Team led by the Beltrami County Attorney's Office.

Multi-Disciplinary Committee Facilitation

  • Panel for Academic and Social Success (PASS-K12)
  • Truancy Review Team

Truancy and Attendance Program Contacts

Angie Kappella
BASC Lead Case Manager and Truancy Case Manager

Nicole Naasz
Truancy Tracker at Bemidji Middle School
218-333-3215, ext. 51951

Jenny Kelly
Re-Engagement Case Manager
218-333-4260 or 218-444-1600, ext. 63151