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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the location of these meetings is subject to change. Please contact BASC at 218-333-8194 for details.

Community Connections

BASC serves as facilitator for several groups, which are described below.

Bemidji Interdisciplinary Review Team

Meetings:  Monthly at the Beltrami County Administrative Building in Bemidji

Membership:  Participants from area mental health agencies, youth serving organizations, Beltrami County Social Services, school district social work staff and psychologists, Northwest Juvenile Center, Minnesota Department of Corrections, Beltrami Area Service Collaborative and a consulting psychiatrist

Purpose and Function:  The Bemidji Interdisciplinary Team (IRT) facilitates, reviews and evaluates the collaborative service delivery system for families experiencing child mental health difficulties.  IRT also exists to:  Identify obstacles to and opportunities for effective collaboration; identify gaps in services to families with children in need of mental health services; provide an opportunity for case consultation;  and to provide an opportunity for sharing information regarding services, funding, training, and research.

Red Lake Interdisciplinary Review Team

Meetings:  Bi-monthly at Red Lake Indian Health Service Hospital.

Membership:  Representatives from Indian Health Services, Red Lake Public and Private Schools, Red Lake Corrections, Red Lake Family and Children’s Services, Chemical Health Programs, Red Lake Comprehensive Health Services and Beltrami Area Service Collaborative.  Other invited participants include Beltrami County and Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Mission:  To build on existing collaborative relationships to provide a comprehensive system of screening, service coordination, and service provision for children living on the Red Lake Reservation.

Purpose and Function:  The purpose of the Red Lake Interdisciplinary Team is to implement best practice models with high quality service evaluation to meet the goals and objectives identified and established by the mental health provider.

School-Based Mental Health Partners

Meetings:  Monthly at Beltrami County Administration Building, 701 Minnesota Ave NW, Bemidji

Membership:  Administrators from mental health agencies, practitioners and professionals serving in schools, school district administrators, special education director, school district social workers and psychologists, school district homeless liaison, Beltrami Area Service Collaborative.

Purpose and Function:
Minnesota Department of Human Services provides funding for mental health service provision in the school setting. BASC facilitates monthly meetings of the partners involved in delivering these services in Beltrami County to:

  • Ensure care coordination and integration within school systems to reduce duplication and fragmentation of services

  • Open up communication between partners

  • Provide an opportunity for problem solving

  • Assess effectiveness of service coordination and delivery

  • Strengthen partnerships with community and among providers

  • Review grant status, compliance, sustainability of services

Panel for Academic and Social Success (PASS K-12)

Meetings: Three times throughout the academic year

Membership: A collaborative meeting made of representatives from various institutions working directly with youth including (but not limited to): Beltrami County and Area Schools; Beltrami County Department of Health and Human Services; Minnesota Department of Corrections; Beltrami County Attorney’s Office; Beltrami County District Court; Tribal Legal and Truancy Employees; and BASC. Nearly 60 individuals are invited to attend, with attendance typically ranging from 15-30 participants.

Description: PASS-K12 meets with the intended purpose of sharing information and ideas to increase academic performance and social competency amongst area youths, as well as to collaborate ideas and resources to overcome mutually identified challenges that arise when working with this population.