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About the Be Present Campaign

Be Present is a campaign to foster healthy youth engagement with school, family, and community. The campaign is coordinated by Beltrami Area Service Collaborative and funded by a grant fro m the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Be Present focuses on the impact of technology and guidance on reducing screen time. The era of smartphones, tablets, video games, and streaming services has brought about some new dilemmas.

There is a healthy way to engage with technology, but we often cross that line—or don’t know where that line is. The Be Present Campaign will provide tips and information to help navigate your questions.


Be Present will be sharing about topics such as:

• Family rules around screen time

• Advice on when to allow that “first phone”

• Research about the impact of screen time on child development

• Information about how social media impacts mental health

• The debate about school policies and cell phone use in the classroom

• Ideas on healthy outlets beyond screen time—events, activities, other opportunities

• Safe use of the internet and social media

Tips for Reducing Smartphone Usage

1. Turn off your phone at certain times of the day, such as in meetings, having dinner, playing with your kids, talking with friends, and of course, driving.

2. Remove social media apps, like Facebook and Twitter from your phone, and only check-in from your laptop.

3. Try to wean yourself to 15 minute intervals at set times of the day when it won't affect work or family life.

4. Don't bring your cell phone and its harmful blue light to bed; use an old fashioned alarm to wake you.

5. Try to replace your smart device time with healthier activities such as pursuing a hobby or connecting with others with your undivided attention.

Source: LaMotte, Sandee. “Smartphone addiction could be changing your brain.” December 1, 2017.

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