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Beltrami Area Resiliency Team (BART)

Facilitated by BASC

The Beltrami Area Resiliency Team is made up of dedicated individuals who have diverse roles in the Bemidji area. This group is continually growing, as any community member who supports the mission is welcome to participate.

BART and its mission evolved out of a Community Conversation Event about the impact of trauma and the hope of resiliency in our region.

bartMission and Vision of the Resiliency Team

We aim to create a self-healing community by...

  • Sharing widely the science of trauma, historical trauma, and resiliency and lead community conversations about these topics

  • Expanding the network of community members who will provide input on what is needed for a healthier, more resilient community

  • Uniting this expanded network of community members to identify and implement strategies that will result in a healthier, more resilient community

The Principles of a "Self-Healing Community"

  • Building Self-Healing Communities is about investing in the people who have the most at stake - especially people affected by trauma - so they can be expert leaders in their own community's change.

  • People do best when they are nested in flourishing families and communities.

  • Understanding needs of others leads to better solutions.

  • Coming together to share leadership, take collective action, build relationships is critical.

  • Community capacity can be strengthened by intentionally connecting people, building a network that is deep and wide so that when adversity strikes, we are linked, invested and can talk.

  • We are all working together---those most affected by adversity, those committed to improving lives, and those ready to offer resources.

  • This work requires hope, optimism and efficacy.

  • We are the ones who are creating a better future for our children. We're in this together.

Current Resiliency Team Projects

♦ 100 Cups of Coffee

Trained interviewers from the Resiliency Team are connecting with Beltrami County residents in one-on-one conversations about how our region could better support resiliency and wellbeing in our population. When the interviews are complete, the Resiliency Team will share insights and project ideas in a report to the community.

The goal of 100 Cups of Coffee is to expand the network of community members who provide input on community direction and then to unite this expanded network of people to implement ideas that emerge during the interviews.

In this time of COVID-19, interviews take place over the phone, virtually using apps like Zoom, or in person in a public space while observing public health guidelines.

If you are interested in participating in the 100 Cups of Coffee project, please email or call 218-333-8194.

♦ Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Trainings

The Resiliency Team can connect you with workshop trainers who present on the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the hope of resiliency.

For more information on the groundbreaking research on these two topics, go to

Interested in joining in on the work of the Resiliency Team?

Contact BASC at 218-333-8194 or email